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  • Family Address Book 3.1

    This OpenOffice database manages birthdates, addresses, and other types of family information. It can print a reminder list of upcoming birthdays &
  • Family Cyber Alert ( Family License - 4 PCs & CD )

    Are you concerned about your children's online activities? Do you feel you should keep a closer eye on what they are doing in cyberspace? Concerned
  • The Family tree of family 1.0.5

    The program is designed to preserve the history and construction of a family tree of the family. With its help you create the detailed list of family

    Play game: Arrow key Guide TEd Shift Jump Enter Start Game Alt+F4 Quit
  • Xar: The Return 1.0

    This is sidescroller with a metroidish(NES) style of play with a few additions. Left Ctrl fires Left Alt jumps A toggles missles on or
  • The Return To Citadel 2.23

    After an incident on 33 Mars SC in 2810 when a rookie pilot selected the wrong gear when docking with the main central and reduced half the planet to
  • Jawbreakers Return! 2.0

    Jawbreakers Return! - the food devastating arcade game! Loads of food packed action including funny weapons and great power-ups! Help the jaw
  • Return of Ganon 1.02

    An original font with a special look to it. An original font with a special look to it. Return of Ganon is a TTF character that was designed in
  • Return To Log Calculator 2.2

    The mountain pine beetle epidemic has decimated the British Columbia Interior lodgepole pine resource. Increased log checking and lower long-term
  • E Return Setup 1.0.1

    Establishments employing 20 or more persons and engaged in any of the 180 industries / Classes of Businesses specified. Co-operative Societies,
  • Return Lyrics 1.8

    Return Lyrics displays lyrics for your favorite songs with ease. Just type in the song information, or grab if from iTunes (by clicking the iTunes
  • The Return of the Native 1.0

    The Return of the Native by Thomas
  • Vampirism - Return 1.0

    Can the humans defend and kill the strongest vampires from hell or will they all be transformed into evil vampires? The world is not safe without
  • Return to Sector 9 1.0

    Return to Sector 9 is the long awaited sequel to Ambush in Sector 9. Featuring 9 game modes, 15 ships to pilot, plenty of weaponry, and plenty of
  • Return to Antescher 1.0

    This one's from Christmas Hack '06. It's a quite simple first person "locate the minerals while avoiding a monster" game that reuses Sandy
  • Return of Monte 1.0

    The romantic hero Edmond Dantes is on a quest to discover Mercedes killer, and bring them to justice, in The Return of Monte Cristo, a beautiful
  • Return to Gaurdia 1.0

    Return to Gaurdia boasts weekly update and free.It is a Zelda-like game. Game Features: Capture the Flag script! New skills, such as Dual Wielding,
  • Montezuma's Return! for GBC 1.0

    Montezuma's Return is a 1996 action-adventure video game and the sequel to the original Parker Brothers game Montezuma's Revenge. The game as
  • Rockfall The Return 1.0

    If you want puzzle based action, all mixed into a classic gem grabbing, monster bashing, boulder avoiding romp ... then you'll find it here!
  • Return of Warrior 1.0

    Return of Warrior is a 3D Fantasy MMOPRPG with two factions.Take part in quests or missions, fight other players and trade virtual goods. All elements
  • Return to Wonderland 1.0

    Crammed full of new features and with access to thousands (!) of free levels, this game is sure to keep you entertained for months, if not years, to
  • Return to Antescher for Mac 1.0

    This one's from Christmas Hack '06. It's a quite simple first person "locate the minerals while avoiding a monster" game that reuses Sandy
  • The return of Fishhead 1.0

    This game is just like the lost crystal, just a bit more stable. This game has quite a lot of levels and different backgrounds so if you look past the
  • Xar: The Return for Linux 1.0

    This is sidescroller with a metroidish(NES) style of play with a few additions. Left Ctrl fires Left Alt jumps A toggles missles on or
  • Theseus - Return of the Hero 1.3

    Theseus - Return of the Hero is the logical sequel to Alien Shooter. Despite all the human efforts to resist monster invasion, the blood-thirsty
  • PF Return Forms Generator 1.01.007

    Is it possible to calculate the PF and print or export huge PF return forms and challan within minutes for more than 1000 employees, even the PF
  • YAM II Return of the Killer Potato 2.2.5

    YAM returns on the screen with YAM II. YAM II : Return of the Killer Potato takes place a short time after the end of the previous installment, Yam
  • Return Fire demo

    Return Fire demo provides you with an intensely combative version of capture the flag. The object is to bring the enemy's flag home under rapid
  • Return on Investment Solver 32c

    calculates the return on investment This shareware is an easy tool that calculates the return on investment (ROI), also called the internal rate of
  • The Return of Magic Online 1.26a

    The Return of Magic Online is a free MMORPG based on turn-based old school RPGs. The Return of Magic Online is a free MMORPG based on turn-based
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  • Breme Address Book

    A simple to search address database and flexible, accurate International Envelope and label addressing tool. It is adaptable, allowing you large choice over addressing styles and envelope and label sizes, yet
  • Barcode Label Workshop Professional 6.0

    Barcode label Workshop is small yet powerful and efficient label design and barcode printing application. Its key features include: comprehensive database support; powerful design capabilities; flexible database
  • Handy Label Maker 5.4

    label and contact management software for home and business. label and contact management software for home and business. Handy label Maker (HLM) is an easy-to-use tool for creating and printing address labels and
  • Barcode Label Workshop Enterprise Editio 6.0

    Barcode label Workshop is the powerful label design, barcode printing software. It is feature rich and yet extremely easy to use. It has comprehensive database support, powerful design capabilities, flexible database
  • Barcode Label Workshop Standard Edition 6.0

    Barcode label Workshop is the powerful label design, barcode printing software. It is feature rich and yet extremely easy to use. It has comprehensive database support, powerful design capabilities, flexible database
  • Proton Ofis 4

    You can use address label software for printing address labels easily and rapidly. It has user friendly interface that allows you to use your address book or spreadsheet for label printing.
  • StatTrak Address Manager 3.1

    address Manager is a simple, easy to use address management program. Perfect for sending your holiday cards or other correspondence. Easily add names, addresses, phone numbers, and birthdays. Select your label or
  • APT Mailing Assistant 4.06

    The APT Mailing Assistant provides you with an easy way to produce professional looking envelopes and labels using your computer's printer. The program supports several sizes of envelopes and mailing labels, as well as
  • My IPs 1.0

    MY IPs is a little utility that will return your actual Internet IP address even if you're behind a Firewall. It accomplishes this by connecting to remote Web Site and returning the IP address from there. In addition
  • SureThing Holiday Labeler

    SureThing Holiday labeler is a program to create and print labels for your holidays mailings and packages.The program is packed with images, fonts and layouts.SureThing Holiday labeler works with common label
  • Easy Label Printer 2.1.4

    Easy label Printer is a simple program for printing addresses on to sheets of labels. You can type in new addresses, or add addresses from the Windows address Book or Contacts. You can print a single label anywhere on
  • Pro Wizard Label Designer 5

    Pro Wizard label Designer - Powerful label software for CD, address, mailing, shipping labels and more. Pro Wizard label Designer is a powerful and complete office solution software for the users labeling and printing
  • Google Geocode 1.002

    This component provides an interface to the Google Geocoding service. Providing an address, the service can return information about the address including longitude and latitude information. Latest update: Fix for
  • EmasterZ 2.4

    This version has the option to use a proxy when run via console (see wiki docs) also the origional spoofer, it has a new feature which let's you edit the return address which means when the recipient replies to your
  • LabelEase 3.0.0

    Features 1.labelEase is an application that makes addressing envelopes, labels, post cards and flyers practical, easy and fast.It is a software program that is perfect for the home user and small business person.
  • Maestro Label Designer 1.0

    Maestro label Designer 1.0 offers you a very useful application for creating any kind of label - address labels, CD labels, round labels, shipping labels, product labels, name tags, and even business cards. With hundreds
  • A-PDF Label 2.5

    A-PDF label is a simple, lightning-fast and powerful desktop utility program that Batch add formatted dynamic label fields (mailing label) such as Name, address, City to custom PDF templates (such as in form letters, on
  • Label Maker Professional for Mac 1.4.6

    iWinSoft label Maker Professional is inventive and useful print and label design application intended especially for Mac users, which enables you to make address labels, mailing labels, shipping labels, letterheads,
  • Label Flow 3.3

    label Flow 3.3 is a professional label software that allows you to simply create and print labels of all types including address, shipping, mailing, and barcode labels. More than 2,500 label templates from manufacturers
  • Family Keylogger 5.00

    family Keylogger - this is the best choice, if you want to know what others are doing on your own computer while you are not at home (or office). Install family Keylogger, set options "Start in hidden mode" and "Hide in
  • OOoBlankLabels 1.0

    Blank ODF label templates for Writer. OOoBlanklabels is a useful extension for that provides you with various useful ODF label templates.Over 50 US letter size templates including CD, DVD,
  • Envelope Studio EN 1.0

    The main program window consists of an address tree, where all your contacts are displayed in a tree structure for ease of orientation. You also may view the addresses in an alphabetically sorted list if you turn its
  • Family Connections 2.3.2

    family Connections is a private social networking website designed specifically for families to be as easy to use as possible. Key features are: message board, Photo Gallery, family tree, calendar, blog, Chat room,
  • SenLab01 1.07

    address label printing software A simple program to take a text file of addresses and to automatically format them onto labels. It scales the font size to fit the labels and left justifies the text and centres it in
  • Business Card and Label Maker Pro 2.3.1

    Business Card and label Maker Pro is an extremely powerful label creation program that helps you with all your label and card making needs. with it, you can designing and printing professional business cards, address
  • Label Matrix 8.10

    label Matrix 8.10 is a powerful and useful tool that features helpful design wizards. You can use for everything from printer selection to database setup to 2D bar code configuration. This is the most efficient package
  • Private Label IP Helper 4.1

    Resell rights private label IP Helper Master resell rights private label software! Customize the company name, program name, website and graphics! This IP Helper software shows you both your internal and external IP
  • Delivery Label Printer

    Print address labels on Avery Stationary easily Delivery label Printer makes printing shipping/mailing labels quick and simple. This label printing software allows you to import names and addresses from a wide
  • KitchenHub Family Organizer 1.5.2

    KitchenHub is the all-in-one family organizer that helps you manage your busy family life. KitchenHub features include a shared family calendar, multi user e-mail, to do list, address book, recipe organizer, shopping
  • EB500 2.7.4

    EasyBuilder is the software for editing, used for planning various kinds of component positions, generally abbreviate as EB500. Newest version's fixes: Corrected label library CSV import problem. Support label name now